Every wedding is different and this is sometimes reflected in the price but approximate costs for a wedding within 25 miles of Brentwood/Essex would be:

Ceremony only:   £375

Playing for up-to 30 minutes for your guests arrival. Your choice of music for the entrance, exit and signing of the register.   Approximate time for ceremony usually 30 minutes (1 hour with the additional 30 minutes of playing for guests arrival).

Drinks reception only: £375 (approx time 1.5 hours)

Wedding Breakfast only: £425 (approx time 2/2.5 hours)

For all three (i.e. the ceremony, the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast) total cost £575.   This includes the cost of my professional digital stage piano and compact amplifier should you need it.   Please note that London engagements will be more due to the conjestion charge and parking charges.   Other additional charges maybe included for accompanying friends/relatives & costs for rehearsals etc. Certain times of the year/dates (i.e. Holiday Periods /New Year’s Eve) etc will also include an additional charge.

Ceremony & Drinks: £475

Drinks & Wedding Breakfast: £475

Baby Grand Piano – additional £75

Word of advice: please do be aware of wedding pianists that are working for agencies/for someone else.   As you would expect you’ll often be charged more money for this because the ‘middle man’ will be making a profit.  In addition, there are many mediocre pianists/musicians working for agencies and themselves charging a lot of money.

Q.   How far do you travel?

All over the UK.   Additional charges are listed below.

Additional charges from Brentwood/Essex:

Within 25 miles: £0

25- 50 miles: £15

50- 75 miles: £20

75 – 100 miles: £25

100+ miles: approx £30