Baby Grand Piano Available

Get the ultimate look ‘My Baby Grand Piano’

The look of a grand piano is second to none.  However, to hire an acoustic grand piano costs hundreds of pounds just for the piano and it also needs to be tuned.  In addition it can take at least 3 people to transport it and can’t usually be transported across difficult areas including awkward spaces.

It costs just £75 to hire my Baby Grand Piano.

My baby grand piano solves all of these problems.  It’s a beautiful, gloss finish empty baby grand piano cabinet which can hold my professional digital stage piano within it, so it looks and sounds great! My digital piano (inside the cabinet) is a Roland and as it samples some of the best concert grand pianos it sounds just like a concert grand.

It’s easily transported by one person to and within your venue because it’s built specifically to make it possible to move around once at a venue. It’s lightweight and folds down making it very portable.

Grand Piano Cabinets – the facts . . .

Grand piano cabinets that use a digital piano/professional digital keyboard inside them are sometimes referred to as ‘shells’ (i.e. they are an empty grand piano cabinet).  Be careful of pianists and agencies who are charging in excess of £250 to hire a baby grand piano shell.  Not all baby grand piano shells are the same, look the same, work the same or are as easy to move around the same.  Some, despite being a shell are still relatively bulky and not easy to move for the different parts of your day and therefore expensive and unpractical, others only bear a passing resemblance to a grand piano.  If someone is trying to charge you more than £250 even for a really great example of one, that’s too much.

You will find some agencies in particular work by charging a lot of money for their services as they have to cover their overheads however they try to justify this away.

My baby grand is one of the best examples you can buy and finished in high black gloss – it looks wonderful, so it’s easy to see why it’s used frequently for t.v by t.v. production companies and for concert tours, even though you’d probably never even know it.   It can be set up anywhere and moved around easily at your wedding.  The sound is crystal clear as it powers to a very powerful state of the art small, discreet external speaker which your guests won’t even notice. It’s ideal for weddings, not just because it’s much better value for money, but it can be used for different parts of your big day that digital baby grands or acoustic grands just can’t manage and importantly the result is a baby grand piano that really does look and sound fantastic!

Acoustic grand pianos and digital grand pianos.

Acoustic grand pianos

Many agents often attempt to sell you hire for either a grand piano or a digital grand piano.  Some may even try to charge as much as £1000 for an acoustic grand, which you can legitimately hire from a local supplier, including delivery, tuning and pick up for a fraction of this cost. In Essex it is possible to hire a Yamaha concert grand piano for £600 from a reputable supplier, who regularly supplies these professional pianos for use at prestigious concerts and to professional examination bodies etc.  Please just shop around or ask me for details.

Digital grand pianos

A digital grand piano is powered by electricity – it is not a real grand piano and essentially a digital keyboard in a grand piano case (but the cabinet is not empty, inside it holds a speaker).  This makes it heavy and not easy to move around.  Digital grand pianos are usually a lot smaller than a real acoustic piano.  However, please bear in mind that a digital baby grand piano cannot easily be moved once at the venue (if at all) and most cannot be set up if stairs or even steps are involved.  In addition, most can’t be set up outside in case of bad weather as they can’t be easily moved, which is a must for many weddings, especially if you’re planning an outside ceremony or your guests mingle outside for your drinks reception – and when the weather is good, you can be sure that’s where they’ll be!

All of this means that you get so much less value for money throughout the day than hiring my stunning looking baby grand piano cabinet and the cost of a digital baby grand piano ranges from £500 – £600 just to hire it!

Remember, a digital grand piano plugs into an electric system as it’s essentially a digital keyboard in a wooden/fibre case but a lot heavier than a baby grand piano cabinet.  This is because it isn’t built specifically to be transported about – so think really carefully before hiring one no matter what you read to the contrary by competitors who charge a lot more money for a digital grand piano and understandably will advise you not to consider some of the much better alternatives.

Did you know?

To get the best sound even real, acoustic grand pianos will need to be amplified -take a look at most concerts and see for yourself.  This is no different for a large wedding, where the guests would not be able to hear an acoustic grand piano properly without any amplification (otherwise the sound would be dull and unclear).  The bigger the wedding and audience, the more likely the grand piano will need amplification and external speaker system.

Acoustic pianos also need to be tuned when moved and can be adversely affected by temperature. A digital piano placed within a really great looking baby grand piano cabinet or a digital grand piano will never need to be tuned and can be used the moment it’s set up.  Furthermore, as the sound is sampled from the best concert pianos they can also be adjusted with effects including EQ to ensure its just right for your venue.

As always, please do the research – it wouldn’t take long to see that this is in fact the case.